-{Paper Wild Rose}- Video Tutorial

I absolutely loved creating this.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I get those Eureka! moments when crafting.  Last week I had to prepare a paper flower class, and I knew that the ladies participating were well seasoned crafters, so I had to do something a bit different and inspirational for them.  I had been thinking about how to use stamps to create different colour effects on flower shapes, the "sun" stamp from Kinda Eclectic just seemed to work so well.

I'll let you watch the video... I'm sorry that it goes a bit blurry, my camera didn't refocus like it normally does, and I'm afraid I'm too pushed for time to re film.  Had a wonderful week preparing for and then attending a friends wedding this weekend.

On the left is a flower that I have curled the petals inwards and the other one I haven't.

Spiral Flower Die
Fun Flower Punch
Kinda Eclectic

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