~{Wedding card and pressie}~

Last week I had the pleasure of going to a family wedding.  We made use of the time down south and visited friends and family before the wedding itself on the Wednesday.  A couple of days before we headed off, a friend of mine contacted me as she needed a wedding card for a couple she was bridesmaid for.  So, as time is of an essence I decided to make the two cards the same design apart from the names and dates of course!

I love crocheting when I'm not paper crafting, and have recently enjoyed making ombre blankets.  Here are pics of the present and the card that went with it.


  1. Whst lovely projects! I love the card and the blanket looks lovely too! :)
    Lizy xx

  2. Very lovely cards! These cards are so elegant and fancy. I just say one thing you are such a very creative and mindful thinker. You have done a very fabulous work. Choosing the right wedding invitation is very important in wedding. Keep blogging.


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